Handmade built-in Oak Bookcase

This handmade built-in Oak Bookcase was commissioned by a client. The requirement was for it to appear part of the original structure.

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Handmade built-in Oak Bookcase. This bookcase was bespoke made into a client’s study in their ‘Border Oak’ house. These houses are exceptional in their quality, design and character. The bookcase had to match the timber framing in colour etc. Built around the doorway allowed some 30″ in width and just over 7′ 6″ in height. My client required the shelves to be fixed so I made provision for the larger and heavier books on the lower shelves. (We make shelves adjustable for height if required). Attention to detail in matching the existing skirting and creating the feature Pediment in keeping with the surrounding Oak structure was part of the criteria.

I undertake these and similar projects where a client requires features or furniture items to match existing designs and interiors. Your inquiry is most welcome.