The Windsor Castle by Montague Dawson. Signed by Earl Mountbatten


A signed print by the artist Montague Dawson of immense importance further signed by Earl Mountbatten.

See full description below for provenance.

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The Windsor Castle by Montague Dawson the well known maritime artist did this painting to help towards the restoration fund effort for the Romsey Abbey, Hampshire. Such was the respect for this artist that Earl Mountbatten (1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma) A great Grandson to Queen Victorian and related to our Queen Elizabeth 11 added his signature to this print to give addition value to this work. Earl Mountbatten is buried at Romsey Abbey 1900 -1979.

Montague Dawson’s other famous Maritime art works include The Battle of Trafalgar. and the naval training ship: Sir Winston Churchill. I have signed prints of these two works in stock.

Windsor Castle frame size 39″ wide x 34″ high.